A Poem from a dear friend

So This Is 50

Author: Chris Padgett

Chris wrote this beautiful poem about me!  Thank you Chris. 🌈

Her story starts
with flowered parts,
where the words pour
onto page one.
As the light comes in,
we see the stories begin,
Like something mythic
and spun from the sun.

Awash with hopes,
it’s her joy that floats,
in waters washed
pure and clean.
Carpe diem is her sign,
seems it was high time,
for her to live
these awakened dreams.

Rebirth this is,
(she’s no longer his)
attesting a soulful
and intimate script.
Narrates her scenes
with metal that gleams,
and her confessions are
from black leather stripped.

Again alive inside,
Where the joy resides
She dares tell
of secrets laid bare.
Of scenes and friends
And a tribe again,
She’s revealing
herself with care.

for Michelle White

One Comment Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful poem. Your friend Chris is talented.


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